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30 Cats Who Think They Are Penguins

16. It looks like he’s giving you the middle finger with that death stare.

17. I dunno why, but i feel like this cat needs a hug. Also, maybe, a belly rub? do cat’s like belly rubs?

18. Like a sir.

19. Kitty ponders: “Why are you still here in my house after 8am?”

20. It looks like it is saying “what, what do you want now?”

21. Move like Jagger!

22. Me next for snacks, please…

23. Cat: “He’s behind me again, isn’t he…”

24. Fluffy.

25. Where did my piano go?

26. Sir penguin, dat mustache

27. Has he got holes in his socks?

28. Look into my eyes…

29. Look at this! Clean your room this instant!

30. So cute!!!!

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