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30 Unflattering Dog Photos That You Won’t Stop Laughing Out Loud

Do you have “ugly” photos of your dogs? We do believe that not all of these furry guys act normally when snapped on the photos. Many of them are even sassy in an adorable way that brings their owners a lot of smiles and laugh every day. Take out the camera and capture these weird moments of your dogs, you will have “healing” pics to look back for years. You can even show your dog their photos and see how they react to them. It sounds exciting!

Here are 30 flattering pics of the dogs that you won’t stop laughing out loud. They aren’t flawless in these shots but still look incredibly cute. These photos start from a challenge on Facebook called #unflatteringdogphotochallenge. It invites dog owners to share the most unflattering photos of their pets. And of course, it’s incredibly hilarious. Some even keep you laughing out loud immediately. Scroll down!
















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