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20 People Who Share An Unbreakable Bond With Their Pets

11. “My baby and my corgi are now old enough to work together. Now they roam around my house like a mini-Harley and the Joker with the dial set to ’annoy.’”

12. “My brother and his cat have an unbreakable bond.”

13. “They bonded before we even left the parking space.”

14. “I make him do ’The Circle of Life’ with me on the anniversary of his adoption.”

15. “I laid down to take a pic with her. I guess she thought I was asking for help with grooming.”

16. “When we got a puppy, my girlfriend vowed he was never allowed in our bed. This pic sums up the past few months.”

17. “My wife requested a picture of her cuddling our puppy. He’s not a huge fan of cuddles.”

18. “It doesn’t matter how big she gets, I’m always gonna hold her like the baby she is.”

19. “It’s always a struggle being the first one awake…”

20. “He has always wanted a kitty. I think he liked his birthday present!”

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