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Black-Flecked Plumage With Yellow Patches On Wings, New Holland Honeyeater Becomes Standout In The World Of Birds

New Holland honeyeaters are very distinctive birds. They make a name for themselves with beautiful black and white-flecked plumage. I have never thought that black and white could combine in such an amazing way. These birds wear a “one-of-its-kind” coat, making them outstanding in their colony.

Take a closer look at these photos, you can find stunning yellow patches on their wings and yellow margins in their tail. This bird species looks so gorgeous in this vest, right?

The New Holland honeyeater is tiny, chubby, fluffy yet very active. Male and female birds are similar but the females are slightly smaller.

This bird species distributes throughout southern Australia, including the island of Tasmania, Brisbane, and Queensland, to just north of Perth in Western Australia.

They are commonly found in dry scrubby areas. But they also live in frequent dry savannas, forests, grasslands, plantations, and gardens, especially where Grevillea and Banksia are found.

Honeyeaters mainly seek the nectar of flowers for food. They also eat fruits, insects, and spiders.

During the breeding seasons, honeyeater birds build their cup-shaped nests. These nests are made from bark, grasses, and spider web, and 6m off the ground.

Females birds lay about 3 eggs and incubate these eggs for around 14 days. Both sexes feed the chicks until they’re fully-fledged.

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