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These Cats Got Into The Holiday Spirit By Helping Their Humans “Decorate” Christmas Trees

#16 You Don’t Need A Tree.

#17 Yeah Title Haha

#18 She Likes The Tree

#19 Why Fill The Bottom Of The Tree With Presents When You Have A Cat

#20 It’s Not Even Up Yet

#21 Ok. Now It Looks Nice

#22 Not Sure About This Whole Tree Thing

#23 My Friend Just Sent Me A Picture Of Her Mom’s Cat Looking All Majestic On The Top Of Their Christmas Tree

#24 This Tree Is For Me, Right?

#25 A Christmas Tree Ornament

#26 It’s Delicious!

#27 Don’t Mind Me

#28 Pretend Like Nothing Happened

#29 My Friend’s Kitten Discovered The Christmas Tree

#30 My Friend’s Cat Magnus Helping Us Take Down The Christmas Tree

Do you also have problems making your Christmas tree cat proof? If so, please share your funny photos with us in comments below! If you love this list, please share it with your friends and family members to put them into Christmas spirit.

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