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Groom Surprises His Bride With The Purrfect Gift On Wedding Day

Kaylee Schmidt and her fiancé Orion Metheny had been together for over 5 years before they tied the knot. The couple is well and truly in love, but there was one thing that always divided them – Metheny didn’t want pets in their house. For this reason, when they got married, Kaylee had to leave behind her beloved family cat Nala who had lived with her since she was young.

But after a while, Metheny changed his mind and decided to get a special gift for his wife. Therefore, he went to a shelter to find and adopt a pet. However, the staffs didn’t agree to help him because many people tend to abandon pets who were given to them as gifts.

Luckily, he found 2 abandoned kitties wandering around his neighborhood. He adopted a kitten and found the other a new home. He named the kitten Chloe and decided to surprise his future wife with her on the big day. His 92-year-old grandmother kept Chloe for a week so Kaylee wouldn’t see her.

When Metheny shared his idea with their photographer, Megan O’Dell of Wild and Wonderful Photography, she was super excited. On the day of the wedding, as Schmidt-Metheny waited, O’Dell told her that Metheny had a surprise for her.

Kaylee had no idea what was going on. She turned around and couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw her fiancé holding a kitten. Her face went from shock to pure joy in a matter of seconds.

“He knew I was sad to be leaving Nala,” Schmidt told The Dodo. “I’ve talked about wanting a cat once we got married. He knew how much joy a cat would bring me, plus make the transition easier. So the wedding day seemed like a perfect opportunity.”

With the assistance of Megan O’Dell, Metheny was able to capture the magical moment. Kaylee was deeply moved, and little Chloe seemed pretty excited about her new parents as well.

“She’s very happy,” Schmidt-Metheny said. “Orion and I both love playing with her, and she’s been a perfect addition to our little family!”

“Chloe was so calm and cuddly,” Schmidt-Metheny said. “Which is so crazy to think back on now, because now she is so rambunctious and playful all the time!”

The couple was so excited to bring Chloe home and start their new life with her. Chloe the cat sure is lucky to have been rescued into such a loving family.

Would you want to receive a gift like this? Tell us in comments below!

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