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30 Hilarious Photos Of Cats Wearing Hats Made From Their Own Shed Fur

Meet Ryo Yamazaki, a Japanese photographer who owns three Scottish Fold Cats, the tabby Nyaa, the white fluff Mar, and the ginger youngster Mugi. His cats are quite the shedders, and this is a big nuisance for Ryo and his family. We all know that shedding in cats is a normal part of life with cats, so we can’t do anything except clean our house every day.

However, Ryo with his wife Hiromi found the perfect way to deal with the shedded fur the cats leave all around the house and turn it into something funny for their cats. They take all the hair their kitties shed, brush out the cat hair and mold them into adorable tiny hats. The couple makes the hats in different shapes and sizes: from the Viking helmet, pilot’s hat or even Trump’s toupee. These cats sure do live the perfect life.

Ryo then photographs them and we cannot get enough! Cats in hats are not something new, but some photos of cats wearing hats in his collection are just so hilariously adorable and weird at the same time, that we just couldn’t keep it to ourselves. Scroll down to enjoy!

If you love these photos, follow Ryo Yamazaki on his Instagram page and keep up with this fur-on-fur feline fashion trend. Feel free to share with your friends and don’t forget to let us know your thoughts in comments.











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