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Stray Cat Jumps Into Church And Humbly Accepts The Worshipers’ Praise

Meet Junior, an adorable stray cat who moved into São Sebastião Parish, in the town of Atibaia, Brazil a few months ago and decided to spend all his life staying here.

No one knows exactly where Junior came from, but clearly this kitty considers himself to be an important person and decides that the church is now his own home.

After he appeared at the church, all he knows is that worshipers start filling his stomach by delicious foods and drinks. They even sing praises and exaltations to him as a deity. And of course, he really loves the worshipers’ actions and humbly accepts their praise.

Graciously, Junior never forgets to give his “fans” what they want. During services, Junior often roams the aisles to play or rest. If he feels happy, he will choose one lucky person’s lap to settle in for a nap.

“He always goes to mass,” the São Sebastião Parish wrote.

One day, however, Junior decided to do something special to give his followers. He placed himself front and center to hear the priest’s sermon. He thought that the sermon was most certainly about how wonderful he is, and he was happy about this.

Although Junior may be somewhat mistaken about what “his” followers are actually showing up for, their love for him is real. They are happy with his presence and consider him as a gift from God.

The church’s leader, Osvaldo Boracini, who has cared for him since the day he arrived. Although the cat might not be the little deity he imagines himself to be, he has brought a wonderful thing to the church.

All animals in this world are truly angels that God set up to teach humans about true love and to be a good human being. No matter who you are, they will love you unconditionally and to make humans happy.

One commenter wrote online: “I am not Catholic, but I congratulate the priest and the [congregation] for their respect and affection toward the kitten! I love it! So much to be proud of!”

h/t: The Dodo

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