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Cat With A Human-Like Face Makes Everyone Can’t Unsee It

Meet Valkyrie, a two-month old Maine Coon kitten who comes from Russia. She quickly became famous on the internet for having a human-like face after her photos were shared on Instagram by her owner Tatiana Rastorgueva.

The cat is an obsession to many people when looking at her face, it is like there is someone being stuck in a cat’s body. Maybe her bone structure or her wise eyes makes her face so ‘human-like’.

Here are some photos of Valkyrie, scroll down to check. Don’t forget to share it and let us know your comments about this strange cat.

The human-like face of Valkyrie

It is like there an iniquitous spirit hiding under a cat’s covering

Look at this! A weird cat full of wisdom

Look at its cold face…

… and her eyes.


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