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17 Dogs Who Don’t Act Like Dogs But Follow What Cats Do

While cats and dogs are all humans’ pets, they are not the same. Dogs are rather mischievous, active, and playful, but cats tend to sleep their days away and act in their own logic. That is just a major difference in their behaviour. There are many things we can base on to distinguish between a cat and a dog. However, in fact, many owners sometimes can not decide between the two, and the reason lies in the dogs themselves.

These seventeen dog owners are sharing their dogs who actually think they are cats and follow what cats do. It sounds interesting when a dog love to eat cat food, sit with his arms folded, jump into tiny boxes, or climb the trees! If you agree with me, then just wipe up and enjoy the pictures below. Hopefully, you will have a good time laughing over the cuteness of these creatures.

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#1. “I am actually a cat! I love boxes!”

Image source: mmmpuppies

#2. “Our dog acts like a cat and sits on top of stuff”

Image source: emori98

#3. “My dog likes to sit with his arms folded like a cat”

Image source: jammsterz

#4. “Who walks around rooftop, but not a cat????????? He walks like a cat!”

Image source: tigra_the_norwich

#5. Stella thinks she is a cat, so she climbs to meet her new friend Lilith on our cat tree.

Image source: GerbilSpanker

#6. “Wow, cat food is so delicious. I love it!”

Image source: JamesHaylen

#7. “Me a cat too. Maybe my kitty cousins will play with me now?”

Image source: the_mansae_life

#8.”I am not sitting like a cat. I AM a sitting cat!”

Image source: rockys_sociallife


Luna is acting like a cat. That’s so cute!

#10.”This place is absolutely for me, and my big sister”

Image source: sula_the_chiweenie

#11. “Mama says I act like a cat “

Image source: redgoldennatasha

#12. “I just follow what my cat friend do…”

Image source: DEEL17

#13. “Adopted pit bull into cat household. He now thinks he’s a cat.”

Image source: CharcoalGreyWolf

#14. “My dog love boxes. He just thinks he is a cat”

Image source: Bonesworth

#15. Cat: “Go away. Don’t you know that it’s not your seat?????????”

Image source: Rishit42

#16. “Have you seen a dog climb tree?”

Image source: ch_covid

#17. “My dog has a perfectly fine, comfy, large, dog bed… yet she likes to lay in the cat’s bed… which she is too big for”

Image source: mandarinium


Image source: Vaagobert

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