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17 Special Dogs And Cats Who Love To Eat Other Things But Not Meat

Are you thinking that meat is a favorite food for cats and dogs? You are right! Cats are descendants of  Southeast Asian wildcats, while dog’s ancestor is the gray golf Canis Iupus. They prefer high-meat diets because their bodies can process proteins easier than other foods (suggested in the research by AgResearch and Massey University).

While it is commonly known that dogs and cats love to eat meat, there are always some individuals who prove themselves to be different from the majority. These seventeen cats and dogs have a special eating habit: they love to eat plants, fruit, and vegetables. At first, their owners are worried about their ‘weird’ food, but then they realize that ‘weird thing’ does make their pets special and interesting!

Today, we would like to introduce to you these friends. Hopefully, you will let your pets do everything that they enjoy and love. Have a nice day!

#1. “Yum Yum 👅 😋”

Image: caninaco

#2. “Meowmy told me Aloe Vera is healthy… I want to eat it 😇!!! OK… that was a lie 😸 It’s just soooo much fuuun!!🤪”

Image: kysy.cats

#3. “I love watermelon!” 🐶🍉

Image: epugibon

#4. “My dog loves to eat grass outside so I made her own grass at home”

#3. “My friend loves to eat human feet”

Image: grichardson526

#6. “They like cakes rather than anything”

Image: mollsuke_sphynx_cat

#7. Luna is acting as if she were a giraffe, not a dog 🤣

Image: luna_the_americanbullyofsweden

#8. “My cat loves to eat cannabis leaves 😆 I can’t understand why”

Image: mrsjohnsonfromwi

#9. “My cat loves to eat flowers (:”

Image: swagyboi69

#10. “I love cucumber!”

Cucumber is her FAVOURITE food in the entire world from cats

Credit: just_just_regrets

#11. “My brothers dog loves to eat snow.”

Image: Plumbtastic

#12. “Apparently I don’t have a cat. I have a sheep that grazes on popcorn.”

Image: TheyWillAppear

#13. “My dog loves to eat corn on the cob”

Image: bcris003

#14. “🍉🍉❤️ My favorite!”

Image: imgraciethecat

#15. “Looks at this kitten doing a salad thing!! “

Image: cats_eating_salad

#16. “My cat Sputnik enjoying some home grown grapes. It seems he loves it!”

Image: SmellyFir

#17. “I pick my own fresh fruits. Obi is short so he can’t reach. We only keep the large and juicy peacherines!”


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