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‘Cats With Hats’, A Reddit Community Where People Share Their Cats Wearing Handmade Hats, And Here Are 25 Best Photos That Will Bring Joy To You

Can you imagine how cats will be with beautiful hats? Cats are cute creatures, and if they are given a hat on the head, they will turn so sweet and adorable! While most of the furry friends chill and enjoy their new appearance, some feel stressed because they don’t get used to wearing hats. Needless to say, their behaviors in both situations are so cute that we will laugh out loud over their reactions.

A Reddit community, ‘Cats With Hats’, always entertains their members with hilarious photos of cats wearing hats. More especially, the owners created hand-made hats for their pets, making the pictures so unique and impressive. Today, we’d like to introduce to you the twenty-five best pictures that we’ve collected from this online community. We are sure they will amaze you!

Let’s enjoy these beautiful photos, and leave a comment on these funny pets!

More info: Reddit

#1. I’ve never seen this kind of hat before!

Image: 1t2h3r4o5w6a7w8a9y99

#2.Cut looks great..

Image: touchfeel

#3. “Baddest cowboy in the Wild West wants pets”

Image: IStanCatwoman

#4. “Do you think he likes it?”

Image: sad-plants

#5. That’s so cute!

Image: Serren-

#6.”This is Beaux(Bo). Beaux is just shy of 18lbs. Beaux is very sensitive and gets his feelings hurt easily. Beaux just started wearing hats. Beaux liked the flower hat the best. Beaux’s family call him ‘The Manager.’ Beaux will let you know who is in charge.”

Image: MamaTexTex

#7. Awwwww!

Image: hazyeyedgirl

#8. “My sister’s cat barley, now with his new beret”

Image: _is_everything_

#9. “Do I look good to be a chef?”

Image: mad_mimsy

#10. A cononut hat is all what he needs!

Image: antlerfern

#11. His mother has made a turkey hat for him!

Image: highmyjennyisname

#12. Missy looks so chill with a barbie hat!

Image: hazyeyedgirl

#13. She is going to attend a Halloween party!

Image: eliteprephistory

#14. Is this a hat or a net? LOL!!!

Image: upper87

#15. “She’s gonna pee in my shoe tonight for this.”

Image: Optullyanz

#16. These are a cat goose and a cat horse

Image: kierachristelle


Image: kierachristelle

#18. Archie loves her new hat so much!

Image: MrMojoRising208

#19. “Don’t worry we didn’t keep it on her for long!”

Image: GothMamasita

#20. ” Can I have another one, please? This one is so tiny for me!”

Image: mississippichai


#21. “Oh great! I like it!”

Image: amandajanefmn

#22. “What’s up party human?”

Image: NelienE

#23. He dresses so well!

Image: Reddit

#24. Merry Catmas!

Image: deanharley

#25. “Thanks – I hate it.”

Image: toriatain

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