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37-Year-Old Italian Woman Wakes Up From 10-Month Coma After Knowing She Became Mother Of A Baby

After a 10-month coma, Cristina Rosi, a 37-year-old Italian, wakes up miraculously and gets ready for her long recovery journey ahead.

According to her husband (Gabriele Succi), Cristina has long been suffering from cardiovascular disease. Therefore, she and Succi had to be very careful during her pregnancy, but a terrible incident occurred in month seventh. After a heart attack, Cristina fell into a deep coma while her baby, Caterina, was delivered in an urgent C-section.

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Upon waking up from her coma, Cristina Rosi uttered her first word: “mamma.” She repeated the word again to inform that she learned she became a mother. Her husband and family members were all taken by surprise to see how the 37-year-old woman loved her child.

Telling La Nazione, Gabriele had felt heartbroken on the day the heart attack had come to his wife. Both Cristina and Caterina had needed equipment to assist with breathing and feeding. But “A real joy after so much suffering,” he said. During her therapy, Cristina was kept in a separate room from her daughter, which made Cristina’s first word all the more significant.


Now, her family is preparing for Cristina to have physiotherapy and other treatments. She has had her tracheostomy tube removed recently. According to Gabriele, she can breathe and swallow by herself, and Cristina’s recovery is going well.

At this time, Cristina continues her treatment at the hospital until she becomes healthy. The family has been able to get them this far with GoFundMe donations and is reaching out for more help. We hope that both she and her daughter will recover soon.

Image Credit: TVI24
Image Credit: Gabriele Succi

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