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Meet Heart-spotted Woodpecker, An Unmistakable Bird With Crest On White Forehead And Black Heart On White Wings

I do believe that there are many unmistakable birds in nature. They were favored with one-of-its-kind plumage and striking features. And, these always help them stand out from the crowd.

Image Credits: Instagram/zealwildlife

The heart-spotted woodpecker is one of these spectacular birds. As the name may suggest, this species has a black heart on white wing shoulders. Meanwhile, other parts of its wings are a black color.

Image Credits: Instagram/shivtrasi

That’s not all, this woodpecker wears a large crest on its white head, making it conspicuous from a long distance. This feature also makes these birds look like flying aliens, along with a white neck and dark olive-grey belly.

Image Credits: Instagram/vips_clicks

Watch the video of this bird below.

Unlike many other bird species, male and female heart-spotted woodpecker looks very similar. However, the male’s forehead is black white females is white. That’s also what makes the female more stunning than males.

Image Credits: Instagram/prakrutiparichay

The heart-spotted woodpecker distributes in the Himalayan forests of India, extending down into Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

They tend to choose subtropical, and tropical moist lowland forests as habitat.

Image Credits: nstagram/karthikeyankalamegam

These birds hunt insects on thin branches and under the bark for food.

Image Credits:

When the breeding season starts, female heart-spotted woodpeckers build their nest into dead branches or fence posts. They then lay 2-3 eggs and incubate them. These birds will feed hatching until fully fledged.

Image Credits: Instagram/hashiqah

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H/T: One Big Birdcage

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