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7-Year-Old Gorilla Is Happy To Help Mom Babysit Her Infant Siblings

Becoming a mother is not easy at all. It’s more challenging when you welcome your babies to this world. There are endless days and nights you take care of them. If you have to do this job alone, you may be overwhelmed and exhausted. Then you wish to have a sound sleep to regain energy levels and reduce stress. It will be great if someone is ready to support you.


This happens with both human and animal mothers. And in the community of endangered mountain gorillas in Rwanada’s Virunga Mountains, a 7-year-old gorilla is happy to help his mom babysit his infant siblings.

Ubukombe is the name of the sweet and caring gorillas. She enjoys her task and is ready to do it when her mom needs help. Just look at the way she hugs and cuddles her little siblings. Enough to bring you something positive in these uncertain days, right?

Watch the loving video below.

“Ubukombe never misses a chance to volunteer to babysit for the babies in the group,” Donna Gorman, a communications specialist for The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund said.

“And her babysitting gives the mothers a break from maternal duties,” He added.

Ubukombe served as a babysitter of her younger siblings when she was six.

“[She] is frequently observed taking care of the group’s babies, despite her young age,” Gorman said. “We often see Ubukombe grooming and cuddling infants.”


When the teenage gorilla was babysitting the newborn sibling, her mom, Gutangara, was resting peacefully nearby.

The kind-hearted teenage girl has done an excellent job. Her support, inevitably, means a lot to her mom. She actually knows how to share her mom’s hard work. Every mother needs a rest.

Ubukombe’s babysitting services also help her community. The reason is that when the infant is independent, gorilla moms can give birth again.

Gutangara is a member of Pablo’s Group, a historic group that has been monitored by the Fossey Fund since 1993.

These mountain gorillas are extremely rare animals. It’s estimated to have 1,000 left in the whole world.

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H/T: The Dodo

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