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3 Week-Old Baby Fox Lost Mom In A Road-Side Collision, Get Adopted By A Dog And Cat

Animals are lovely and pure creatures. They can build a strong bond with animals of other species. There is nothing strange when a bear, a tiger, and a lion live together as a family. Love and care can beat all the odds.

The story today is a heart-warming one. A three-week-old baby fox that lost its mom in a car accident gets adopted by a dog. The dog acts as the mother of the helpless cub, giving it all the love and protection that it needs.

After the road-side collision, Dinozzo (name of the orphaned fox cub) was rescued by the authorities and then handed over to a vet hospital. Here, the little fox found his home with kind parents and adorable furry friends.

Werner and Angelika Schmaing are an animal-loving couple living in Oberscheld, Germany. They spotted the helpless baby fox at the vet and couldn’t keep their eyes off him.

They decided to bring the poor little fox home and named him Dinozzo.

Living in the same roof with the fox cub is an adorable collie, named Ziva and a bengal cat, named Leopold.

The trio soon formed a special friendship and following their friends wherever they go. The three enjoy playing, sleeping and eating together.

“Ziva and Leopold fell in love with the little fox immediately. Our collie acts as a foster mum for the little ones. The interaction of animals is very much like siblings in a family,” Werner said.

As you may know, love and protection are very important to any wild animal in the first weeks of its life.

That’s why the friendship of the baby fox and his dog and cat friends is priceless. It helps little Dinozzo overcome the loss of his mother.

If you love the little fox and its friendship with its dog and cat siblings, just share this post with family and friends. Love and care can heal, everyone.

H/T: Bored Panda

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