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Violet-Backed Starling, The Pinnacle Of Purple Beauty In Birds

Violet-Backed Starling is an insanely beautiful bird. Its amethyst feathers, for instance, can always make them stand out in the wild.

These stunning creatures are relatively small. They are only about six inches long and weigh around an ounce. But you can’t keep your eyes off these birds.

There is a small difference between male and female violet-backed starlings. The male has a white belly, contrasting with his violet-toned suit with pride. Meanwhile, the female bears brown and white streaked bellies. Young birds share the same.

However, they all have yellow eyes and black beaks and legs.

These birds are commonly found throughout Sub-Saharan African. They live in forests and forest verges, or in open woodland and clearings.

They feed on seeds, fruits, berries, and arthropods, mainly in the tree canopy.

Violet-backed starlings are migratory birds. The female starlings build their nest in the fork of a tree. It’s about 2 meters off the ground and made out of green leaves and animal dung.

They incubate a clutch of two to four eggs for 12-14 days. Unlike some other species of migratory birds, the male starlings help feed the chicks until they are fully fledged (about 21 days old).

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Watch the video of this bird below!

H/T: Kingdomstv

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