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Cat Loves Strawberries So Much That He Won’t Stop Cuddling With Them

Do you remember Ozzy, the lovely siamese/tabby mix who really likes peaches? He has captured everyone’s hearts with his surprising fondness for peaches. Our readers couldn’t get enough of Ozzy’s cuteness, so in this post, we would like to introduce to you another cat who also has an unusual passion for fruit, and his favorite fruit is strawberry.

Meet Remus, a 10-year-old cat who loves fruits, especially strawberries. Carly Cox, Remus’ owner, discovered her cat’s hobby this year’s spring. She noticed that Remus searched through groceries more than usual. As it turned out, the curious cat was attracted by a carton of strawberries.

“I asked my sister (a veterinarian) if they were ok for him to have,” Cox told The Dodo. “She said yes, and he could not have been happier when I gave them to him!”

However, he doesn’t like to eat strawberries, he just wants to snuggle and cuddle with them. He even nuzzles them, uses them as a pillow to rest.

“Remus mostly plays with and snuggles the strawberries,” Cox said. “He doesn’t really try to eat them but will rub his face all over them and toss them around like toys.”

Before becoming obsessed with strawberries, Remus loved playing with his toys and activity tunnel. But once he discovered this red fruit, he fell in love with them.

Some scientific studies have shown that strawberries are related to catnip. They could be a distant relative of catnip, producing a similar psychoactive effect in cats. Not every cat likes catnip, but the odds of finding a cat who doesn’t like one of those four plants is pretty low.

But whatever the reason for Remus’ interest in strawberries, he can’t seem to get enough.

“When he gets tired, he will also sleep with the strawberries,” Cox said. “I can’t quite figure out why he likes them so much, but I’m happy to be able to bring him joy with something so simple!”

What do you think about this cute cat and his hobby? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below! Be sure to share this post with your friends and family members!

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