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Cat Comes To Store Every Day To Convince People To Buy Him Treats

A few weeks ago, Tania Sants was going to a store near her home in Mexico, she noticed a white cat sitting all alone in front of the door. The kitty was so cute, so Sants gave him some pets before walking into the store.

But as she began walking down an aisle, the cat blocked her path. He led her inside the store, and then herded her to one section of the store where they kept the cat treats. The cat seemed to like the treats, so Sants bought him some.

On Sants’ next visit to the store, she found the cat waiting for her inside. And of course, Sants knew clearly what he wanted the most.

As Sants came to learn, she discovered that the clever cat visits the store every day to ask people to buy him food or treats. No one knew where he came from, so Sants was determined to find out.

On her next trip to the store, there he was again. This time, Sants decided to film the clever cat and his adventure. After walking into the store and buying the cat some treats he requested, Sants quietly followed him.

Posted by Tania Sants on Friday, March 20, 2020

As it turned out, he was a stray cat living on the streets. At that moment, Sants understood that a forever home was the most important thing he needed. Without hesitation, Sants decided to bring him home.

“I took him to my house and I adopted him,” Sants told The Dodo.

Sants talked to the store employees and knew that nobody was trying to find him. “They told me that no one had come looking for him,” Sants said. “They thanked me for taking him home.”

Before leaving the store, Sants didn’t forget to buy her cats some treats. This time she made a few purchases at the store without being asked to. “I bought him many treats,” she said. “He can trust that I always will.”

Life on the streets hadn’t been easy for him, but now he had a family with Sants and her other cat. And of course, he doesn’t need to ask people to buy him treats anymore because he has a beloved owner who loves him and gives him the best thing she has.

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