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20+ Radical Cats Who Have Lovely But Strange Customs

Scientists have shown that many animals, including cats, can display a variety of personality traits in similar ways that humans do. However, cats are not actually “a good creature”, and anyone with a cat knows how mischievous he or she can be. Although they have unique personalities, some take everything to the extreme. They believe or express the belief that human rules should be changed.

Howeverm no matter what they do, we are sure that it’s hard to stay mad at these lovable cats. For this reason, we would like to share with you the evil but adorable and funny things they did. We believe that these pics will put a smile on your face and make your day better. Scroll down to see!

1. “My cat looks at himself in the mirror and if nobody pays him any attention, he starts tossing things over.”

2. “When we say, ’Where’s Gala?’ she hides behind the curtains. We pretend to look for her while she doesn’t breathe. When we ’find her’ she jumps on us, hits us with her paws, and runs away to hide behind the other curtains. If we don’t look for her again, she makes noises so we can keep on playing her game.”

3. “Mine sleeps while hugging his bunny.”

4. “Mine too!”

5. “Maybe it’s pretty normal stuff, but I’m very new with cats. She pays attention to what we see on TV, stretches as we thought only rabbits did, and loves to bite my college notes.”

6. “Mine sleeps on the kitchen stove.”

7. “My cat loves to get on top of my video games.”

8. “Every time I go to sleep, he looks at me from above. He does this every night.”

9. “She sleeps in the kitchen sink.”

10. “Suiza gets caught in war flashbacks. She stares at her water bowl and every so often attacks it and spills everything.”

11. “She learned this all by herself.”

12. “If there are people in the house, my cat sits between us with her arms crossed because she can’t stand not being the center of attention.”

13. “He was born tired.”

14. “Every once in a while he thinks he’s a meerkat.”

15. “They constantly tend to put themselves in symmetrical positions. I have a theory that they’re a reincarnation of the girls from the movie, The Shining.”

16. “He sleeps like this.”

17. “Athena, who has been in my life for only 2 weeks, sleeps as if she was doing yoga.”

18. “One kitten is the spoiled old woman of the house and eats with us; the other thinks she’s another dog.”

19. “The fatty sleeps in the sink with one of her legs hanging.”

20. “She looks at herself in the elevator mirror, stands on 2 legs all the time, and lies down in a very particular way.”

21. “He thinks he’s Spider-Man.”

22. “Cat (that’s his name) likes to lie down in the fireplace but then he gets covered in ashes.”

Do you have cats? Do they do bad things? So, what are we to do when our cats perform pranks? Well, there’s not much you can do. Clean up their messes, snap a photo, and share with us in the comment section!

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