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30 Funny Dogs Who Have Fallen Asleep In Hilariously Awkward Positions

#16 Weird Sleeping Position

#17 “Please Read Instructions Carefully When Assembling Your New Dog From IKEA”

#18 He Was Snoring Too

#19 This Frenchie Puppy Sleeps Anywhere

#20 My Aunt’s Wiener Dog Fell Asleep While Begging

#21 This Is How She Sleeps

#22 Ollie Only Sleeps Under Chairs

#23 Does Anybody Else’s Dog Sleep Like This?

#24 My Cousin Sent Me A Picture Of Her Dog Sleeping

#25 My Dog Will Sleep In Any Position. Apparently This Is Comfortable

#26 I Call This Tetris Murph

#27 Bae Caught Me Sleeping

#28 I Think My Dog Is Broken

#29 This Is Leela. She Sleeps Like This. It Just Ain’t Right

#30 It Was Slightly Unsettling To Look Back And Find My Dog Sleeping Like This

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