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Orphaned Kitten Becomes Best Friend With Rescue Piglet And It’s Totally Adorable

Meet Laura, the rescue piglet and his best friend Marina, the orphaned kitten with special needs. The duo met each other for the first time at the Santuario Igualdad Interespecie, an interspecies equality sanctuary for farm animals in Santiago, Chile.

Marina was abandoned on the street by her mother because of being sick and having pus-filled eyes. Thankfully, a kind person picked her up and took her to the Chilean sanctuary, saving her life.

The rescuers tried everything they could to save her, so she quickly got her energy back. The little kitten even started playing with the caretakers and animals at the sanctuary. At that time, Marina and Laura found each other, and now they become best friends.

Laura was born so that she could be slaughtered, but luckily, activists rescued her from the meat industry. When she arrived at the sanctuary, she was trembling with fear. However, the tiny kitten helped her relax and calm down.

They found comfort in each other, and share the most unlikely and beautiful of friendships. They play, cuddle, nap together and give each other a lot of hugs and kisses. Even when they’re not cuddling, they stay close together, like best forever friends should. Whenever Laura sleeps in, Marina acts as her bestie alarm clock. And Laura always returns the favor.

This darling duo’s friendship shows us that even though two individuals may not look alike and may come from completely different backgrounds, they can form a wonderful friendship.

You can see how strong the darling duo’s bond is in the video below.

If Marina and Laura’s story touched your heart you can watch Laura and Marina’s high jinks together, or like Laura’s Facebook page for more adorable updates.

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