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Blind Abandoned Kitten Can’t Stop Hugging Her New Dad After Being Adopted

A kitten named June was found late year by a kind citizen in Cape Town, South Africa and was taken to the Domestic Animal Rescue Group (DARG). The poor kitten was sick and completely blind but she didn’t seem fazed by this.

“She was brought in … by a member of the community who had found her, and I think her mum had been killed,” Holly Gilbert-Jones, a volunteer at the DARG who happily accepted the task of fostering June, told The Dodo. “There were no brothers or sisters.”

Despite being blind, June doesn’t think she is any different from any of cats. She loves running up and down the length of the house. Not only is June full of energy, but she craves love from everyone she meets.

After several months with her foster mom Holly, June was ready to be adopted and she was waiting for a forever home and a kind owner who loves her. DARG shared June’s story on their Facebook page with the hope that the sweet kitty can find the perfect family.

A couple Andrew Duff and Rebecca Warner saw June’s post and decided to give her a home without even meeting her first. When they went to pick her up, she immediately curled up in her new dad and snuggled into him.

On the way home, June even climbed into Duff’s arms and gave him a nice cuddle.

“She just curled into his neck and stayed there,” Warner told The Dodo. “On the way home, I got a little tag that said ‘Daddy’s Girl’ because I realized, ‘Well, that’s it. He’s become hers.’”

June is now enjoying her happy life with her owners and two cats, Leia and Leeloo. She loves going for walks on her harness and enjoying nature.

“She’s absolutely perfect, every little inch of her personality,” Duff said. “I never met an animal so loving and so happy and so resilient. She’s the most loving little creature.”

h/t: The Dodo

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