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Wife Is Dying From Laughter After Finding Out The Bed Her Husband Was Building Is Not For Them

When it comes to finding a place to relax, cats don’t need a bed or a wonderful place to rest and sleep like humans. But that didn’t stop a Florida cat dad, Chris Carlson from building a special place just for his cat. Chris Carlson’s wife, Julia Carlson shared her husband’s creation in an online post on Facebook and received an overwhelming response.

This is Ollie, the most recent member of the Carlson family. Julia wrote on her Facebook page that Ollie was a surprise from her husband.

“Chris always said we’d never get a pet because they’re too much work and commitment. Well, he told me he was going grocery shopping and instead he went out and adopted this guy.”

Not only did her husband buy the cat but, to the surprise of Julia, created a special bed in their home just for Ollie to sleep. Chris was self-taught with the help of YouTube DIY pages and this particular DIY project took the craftsman about an hour.

Julia thought that her husband was making a Cali King sized bed frame. But when she came to check, she immediately snorted and started hysterically laughing.

“Guys, Chris said, ‘okay I’m gonna go make the bed now,’ and I’m like yessss we’ll finally have a bed frame for our new mattress. I check on him an hour later and he has built A MINIATURE BEDFRAME AND SIDE TABLE FOR THE CAT. I’m dying.”

h/t: Bored Panda

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