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Photographer Takes 20 Pictures Of Her Cats At Most Natural Moments But They Turn Out Works Of Art

Among the outstanding cat photographers on Instagram, there is one account that might attract many cat lover fans. Its owner is photographer Gabriella Oravecz, who loves taking photos of her beautiful cat Sam. While it’s a tricky task to get cats to pose for people, Gabriella’s photos still become popular thanks to their beautiful backgrounds and excellent colors. 

Beautiful Sam, unexpectedly, becomes the model cat of her mother. She wants to show a warm thank to her for turning her most natural photos into real masterpieces. And that makes everyone love the pictures so much. 

We have collected the twenty most beautiful photos to share with you today! If you felt excited, scroll down and enjoy them!

More info: Instagram

#1. Like an angel in the field!

#2. Awesome!

#3. Perfect pose!

#4. The lifted head, bent tail, strong eye, perfect moving. I think everything just fits in this picture!

#5. She caught my attention right away!

#6. “A reminder where to find me if I’m not around. 🐾 no I’m not shady, just very much like to be outside. I have no idea how to be a house cat again when winter comes… but that’s a yearly struggle”

#7. When a huge sneezing attack is irritating your nose and you focus to have a deep breath to release your whiskers 😽

#8. This is just a little Meowny May-o 😸🐾!

#9. Hey, what are you looking at?

#10. He has the best catwalk!

#11. I love this picture!

#12. Sam in her childhood

#13. “✨🐾 Time to find a photo of me when I was 2 months old.”

#14. “Don’t follow me! 🚷 You make big noise. Just wait right here, I will be back from hunting as soon as I catch something! 🐦😻🐭”

#15. How cool she is!

#16. Beautiful!

#17. “⚠️🙀⚠️So I have the sneeze disease. You caught me in that moment when I don’t know if I’m a cat or a rat. Like something grabs my spine and scratching my nerve so I sneeze almost like for a minute”

#18. “Everything I know by now makes sense. Also this stick. It is here to rub my face in it😻”

#19. To love the whole world you need to learn to love yourself first!

#20. “It’s time for me to own a very important skill: climbing trees. It is useful for hunting, hiding, looking, sleeping, escaping. I’m gonna master this as well.😻”

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