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Wander Around Looking For Water, Dehydrated Baby Elephant Get Help In Time

Elephants are intelligent, friendly, and social animals. They still harbor a pure baby soul even when they grow up into giants. Needless to say, baby elephants are extremely adorable. I can’t get enough of their cuteness and innocent eyes. But these loving creatures can’t survive in the wild without their mother’s care. They have to struggle with thirst and hunger. Some can wait until kind people come to help them but some don’t. None of us want to hear that sad ending.

Image Credits: cbeyleveld1

The baby elephant in this story is a lucky one. The poor little animal kept wandering around looking for food and water. Luckily, some truck drivers from AfriAg transport company in Johannesburg, South Africa spotted the calf and gave him water.

Image Credits: cbeyleveld1

These drivers saw the baby elephant when they stopped at a downed bridge in their path. The baby animal suddenly appeared out of the bushes by the side of the road. They found him exhausted and dehydrated.

These kind men immediately ran to the elephant and gave him water from one of their own bottles. It seemed that the baby got help in time.

You can watch the video below.

They then searched around for any clue of the elephant’s mother and herd but they can’t. The calf had been alone.

These drivers decided to let the poor little elephant on one of their trucks and drove to the nearest sanctuary. The baby was later taken to Botswana Elephant Sanctuary. He would get proper care and treatment when staying there. The elephant also had a chance to make friends with other elephants in the sanctuary.

Image Credits: cbeyleveld1

The next days will be bright days. Hope that the baby elephant will enjoy his life in the sanctuary. He must thank kind-hearted men for saving him. Love and kindness can make this world a better place.

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H/T: Boredpanda

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