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Featuring Bright Red Plumage With White Spots, The Strawberry Finch Can Steal The Heart Of Any

The world of birds is so amazing. There are incredibly beautiful birds that people never think that they’re currently existing in this world. Their feather’s colors can mesmerize any human. If you have a chance to see them in real, it will be a great surprise.

The tiny strawberry finch (also the red avadat or red munia) in this story is an example. The 3 to 4 inches long birds are famous for their bright red plumage and tiny white spots covering its body.

These birds commonly live in tropical Asia regions, especially in open fields, jungle clearings, meadows, and grasslands. They gather in a community of 100 strong of the same species.

The male and female strawberry finch have characteristics that are easy to realize. While the males have a deep red crown with white streaks under their eyes, females have a dark brown crown back and tail. They also have fewer white spots on their backs than the males.

It’s interesting that both male’s and females’ feathers become duller in winter.

This beautiful bird also has their very own mating dance. The males are the first ones that join the game. They carry a grass stem/feather in their mouth and bowing down with their feathers upright.

After finding their mate, these birds will leave their flock to build their own nest. Below are some more stunning photos of the strawberry finch. Let’s check them out!






















H/T: Kingdomstv

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