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Dog Tries To Look Innocent After Chewing Mom’s Flip-Flops

If you get a curious or energetic dog, you will get into a lot of trouble with this guy. As they have a strong opinion of the surrounding, they will love involving in projects that they shouldn’t. The pit pull named Arya in this story is an example. She destroyed her mom’s flip-flop but trying to look innocent. Keep scrolling!

Arya’s facial expression after committing a petty crime is incredibly adorable. Her mom, Christine Duggan took out her camera and snapped some photos to note this funny doggie.

Arya is a chill dog. She just loves sleeping, relaxing, and getting cuddles from her family.

“Her personality is very laid-back, needs attention at all times and will sleep all day if you let her,” Christine Duggan, Arya’s mom, told The Dodo.

But the good girl sometimes also causes trouble. She does things that she shouldn’t and you know that. And the point here is Arya pretends she has no idea with the incidents. She will always show off her “innocent” face as the answer.

One of the lastest incidents that the sweet and loving dog involved in is to chew up a pair of her mom’s flip-flops. When her mom identified this, grabbed the destroyed flip-flops, and went over her, Arya avoided looking at her mom and wearing her guilty face.

You can watch the cute video here.

“I discovered the flip-flop as soon as I walked into the house,” Duggan said. “She was lying on the couch and I could see the pieces in her bed which is right next to the couch. A couple weeks before she chewed my slipper and she acted the same way. So she knows when she is in trouble!”

Not just that, the “innocent” girl kept glancing over to see if she was still in trouble. And her guilt-ridden face turns out to be incredibly hilarious and adorable.

What could Arya’s mom do when seeing that sweet face? Forgive her. That’s all. It can melt her heart immediately. The dogs have the charisma to make their humans adapt and fall in love with all their odds and imperfection.

Do you fall in love with the loving innocent Arya? If yes, just share the story with family and friends. Enjoy!

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