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Indonesian Artist Illustrates Internet-Famous Cat Pics Into Amazing And Funny Drawings

As you know, cat memes are one of the most viewed content on the internet. But how did they become so popular? Well, probably because cats are emotional creatures, and their expressions are silly and funny. Once put cats and memes together, they become magic and wonderful. So it is not surprising that the internet is full of cat memes.

An Indonesian artist, who goes by the name Tactooncat on Instagram, has collected viral cat memes and turned them into cute and hilarious drawings. People are falling in love with these cat drawings and can’t stop sharing them on social media. We at Paws Planet are no exception, so we’d collected the best of Tactooncat’s work to share with our readers. Scroll down to enjoy and choose your favorite photos!

You can follow the artist on Instagram to see all the classic cat memes and update her latest drawings!

1. Kitty: “Get this thing off of me.”

2. “To be fair, those bras look very comfy to lay my head on.”

3. Almost… aaaaaalmooooost…

4. “Go away, human. I must go and take over the world!!!”

5. Baby you’re a fiiirrreeewwwooorkkk!

6. “I can’t believe you’re writing me a ticket for not wearing pants!”

7. When your dad made a swing with his old underwear ????????????????????????????

8. “Hey…Wassup?”

9. ????????????????????????????????????

10. Kitty: “Forward loyal steed forward!!”


12. “All these watermelons are mine!”

13. “Please sir, just one more!”

14. “Do I have something on my face?”

15. Niagara waterfall ????????????????????????

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