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People Are Sharing The Best Unexpected Encounters With Cats And They Are Hilarious

In this post, we would like to introduce you to a Facebook group called catspotting. This group is a place to share photos and videos when you unexpectedly encounter a cat.

“Cats are elusive and have lots of attitudes, so the scenarios you’ll find them in are always really interesting,” Ruby Black, the creator of the Catspotting Facebook group, told Bored Panda.

Black started the online community in 2014. The group has had many crazy and weird encounters with cats throughout the years. “We encourage members to share a bit of the story with their spot, like the circumstances surrounding how, when, and where,” Black explained.

The more unique or interesting the spot is, the more likely it is to go viral. “Most of our viral posts have been either extraordinarily silly (cats with wild expressions or in really silly places or positions) or really, really unique (one of our most popular posts was a beautiful photo of a cat standing triumphantly on top of a huge sand dune in the middle of the desert),” Black explained.

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#1 The Last Thing I Expected To Spot In The Sahara Desert Was A Tuxedo Kitty. The Berber People In Our Tent Told Me He Visits Sometimes To Chase Away The Scorpions

“Initially, it was set to public but there were lots of people who would try to spam and troll us with photos of dead cats and porn and other gross stuff,” Black explained. “It was easier and [required] less manpower to go private than to keep trying to weed out the trolls all the time.”

#2 My Chest, Not My Cat! Spotted This Beautiful Big Guy In My Dad’s Garden A Few Days Ago

She said that the members of the group are cat lovers who are crazy about cats and just love everything about these majestic animals. “In our member requests, we ask people to answer the question ‘What do you love about cats?’ and 99% of answers are ‘Everything!’ and ‘Toe beans!'”

#3 Spotted In The Building In Front Of My Job!

“I never really intended for the group to get this big,” she said. “I created it years ago as just a thing for me and my friends because I kept seeing cute cats and didn’t have [anywhere to share the encounters]. I was a member of Dogspotting but I didn’t really like the way that they did their admin and some of their rules were a bit weird so I figured I would make my own version with cats and it just blew up immediately.”

#4 Took This Photo Of The Most Cuddly Lil Ginger In The Middle Of A Head Shake While It Wouldn’t Stop Purring, Such A Majestic, Graceful Beauty

Now, Black is really proud of how many wonderful people are in the group. She is so happy as it can make her and everyone happy. “We’ve had heaps of members say that seeing fun spots brightens their day. I love the group a lot.”

#5 I Was Watching TV In My Living Room, Only To Realize I Too, Was Being Watched. Bc, Canada.

#6 My Boyfriend And I Rescued This Little Guy Off The Side Of The Side Of The Road. He’s So Little! Poor Little Guy Kept Almost Running Out Into The Road Crying For Help

#7 The Smoke Has Cleared Up A Little Bit Here In The Bay Area, So I Went Out For A Walk And Spotted These Two Buddies Enjoying The Night Air Together.

#8 My Brother Spotted This Lil Baby In The Middle Of The Road So He Brought Her Over To Give Her A Bath. He Bought Some Kmr Since She Seems To Only Be Around 2 Weeks Old And Took Her Home

#9 This Stray Mama Has Come Around For A Few Weeks Looking For Food. She Finally Brought Her Baby Around And I Cannot Handle The Politeness

#10 My Friend And I Were Out To Get Something And Were Walking To The Station When She Points At This Adorable Cat And Gives Me The “Ugh Fine” Look And I Gave This Floof The Best Pets. She Was Letting Me Scratch Her Belly And Under Her Chin

#11 Ensuring No Bookmarks Are Stolen On His Watch

#12 I Saw The Most Beautiful Speepy Angel, Lounging In Their Kingdom. (A Restaurant In My Hometown Amsterdam)

#13 Stumbled On This Super Old Trooper Today. Even Broke Social Distancing Rules To Give Him A Head Scratch. Massive Paws. 12/10 Worth A Bit Of Hand Sanitising Afterwards

#14 Mitzi Is A Cat Who Hangs Out At The Gate With The Security Guards In The University Where I Work/Study. But In Hebrew, “Mitz” Means Juice. So Whenever The Students Make A Post About The Cat, Facebook Translate Turns Her Name Into “Security Juice.” Meet Security Juice. She’s A Fluffer Who Enjoys Pets

#15 My Stairs. Not My Cat. The Eyes

#16 Spotted: Ginger Soil, Super Rare Swedish Phenomenon. A Little Reluctant To Pets, But Overally 11/10

#17 This New Neighbor Has Been Coming To Visit Me Everyday For The Last 4 Days

#18 Met A New Friend Today

#19 Spotted This Black & White Dough Ball On The Way Home. 10/10 For Inspiring A Black & White Photograph

#20 *my Bathroom, Not My Cat* We Left The Garden Door Open And Juno (A Neighbour Cat) Snuck In And Made Herself At Home – Who Could Be Mad At That Face!!?

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