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Cat Licks Food Magazine And Is Disappointed When It Isn’t As Tasty As It Looks

Leela is a stray cat who now lives her best life with her owners, Madeleine Meredith-Holton and her partner. The couple found her under a car about six months ago. At that moment, they immediately knew they had to adopt her and gave her a forever home.

“She was brought inside and within a few hours she was cuddling up to us and felt right at home,” Meredith-Holton told The Dodo.

Now Leela is 8 months old, and she still has a lot to learn about this big world. She is a mischievous feline and loves to discover everything around her. Also, she loves stealing snacks or running away with the kitchen sponges.

Leela likes to sit on her favorite stool, so when she saw a food magazine had stolen her spot, she immediately jumped up to check what was going on.

The magazine featured a delicious-looking photo of food that looked so good and bright that she decided to have a taste.

Leela licked the photo for a few minutes and discovered that it hadn’t tasted as delicious as it looked. She seemed a little disappointed as the food was not delicious as she imagined.

“She’s very notorious for doing silly things,” Meredith-Holton said.

Watch the cute video here:


Leela is still learning new things every day, and now she knows that the pics on cooking magazines definitely don’t taste as good as the real thing.

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Source: The Dodo

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