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People Shared Pics Of Their Cats Acting Weird

#31 Why Can’t He Just Drink Out Of The Bowl Like A Normal Cat?

#32 He Sat And Stared At Me Like This For A Minute Before I Took The Picture. Weirdo

#33 Office Cat

#34 Our Cat Won’t Stop Bringing Home Sponges

#35 Heard You Guys Like Weird Cats. This Is Paul

#36 My Brother’s Cat Sits Like He Is Your Psychologist

#37 My Cat Sits Like This When He Gets Excited

#38 My Cat Karma Likes High Places, And He Couldn’t Be Higher. He’s Not Stuck, Just Casually Hanging Around

#39 My Cat Lets Me Stack Things On Her Belly

#40 My Cat Always Sits On His Butt

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