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There Is A Cat Permanently Living Inside Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia is a Late Antique place of worship in Istanbul, Turkey. It was built in the 6th century CE (532 – 537) during the reign of the eastern Roman emperor Justinian I, and was consider as the patriarchal cathedral of the imperial capital of Constantinople. It became a secular museum in 1935 and will re-open as a mosque in 2020.

“I said…or else.”

By general consensus, Hagia Sophia is considered to be the most important Byzantine structure and one of the world’s great monuments. But perhaps the most quirky of its roles is being the home of a famous cat.

Unless it’s a reflection, it looks like she has a friend.

Such a cute derp!

Meet Gli, a 16-year-old beautiful cat who has been living at Hagia Sophia since she was just a kitten. Her daily missions are to guard and preserve its religious and cultural history. Besides, Gli loves to greet tourists and enjoys being photographed by them at the museum.

Donation box! You seem to have forgotten the donation box!! Hey you! That’s right!!

There are so many stray cats in Hagia Sophia, but there was something special about Gli that makes everyone loves her. Gli is a European shorthair cat with slightly crossed-eyes and an attitude of a royal. Thanks to these unique features, she has become a favorite among all the tourists that pass through.

Did you put your money in the donation box?

“It was normal to see cats both around and in Hagia Sophia, but there was something special about this one. I saw a light in her from the very beginning of our relationship. The way she poses, the way she walks, the way she behaves is totally different from other cats, even her sister Kizim,” Umut Bahceci, a former tour guide at Hagia Sophia, told Bored Panda.

Now we know who’s guarding stairway to heaven.

The cat even has her own Instagram account that was created and run by Bahceci. “I created an Instagram account for Gli so that I could collect and keep her photos in one place. Eventually, people slowly started sending me their pictures of her,” Bahceci said.

“What the actual F*** are you doing human!?”

Although Hagia Sophia will re-open as a mosque, Gli will continue to live here. There are no plans to relocate Gli because she is the most perfect and wonderful staff that no one wants to fire.

She looks very youthful. Must be the good clean living.

If you absolutely love Gli, you can go to Hagia Sophia to meet her or follow her on Instagram to see more her cute pics and videos!

“Come closer, and I’ll let you know the mysteries of your future…”

Me and my shadow… sign along if you know the words.

Is the cat photobombing blocking the lady behind or is the lady behind photobombing lol??

Yep, she owns the place.

Gil does have beautiful green eyes.


Cuteness overload!

Why the queen has no need to bow. She is superior to all.

The chosen one

What a lovely picture!

Ultimate light therapy. Gorgeous picture by the way.

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