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20+ Photos That Perfectly Show What Life With Cats Is Really Like

16. “Spotted my human’s center of attention and leaned into it.”

17. “Tried to hypnotize the dog. Did it. Got bored!”

18. “Met a cool kitty. We agreed to see each other tomorrow.”

19. “I was feeling sad and decided to turn into a liquid.”

20. “My humans were taking photos. I brought some fun to the extremely boring shots.”

21. “Was looking for food. Instead, they found me.”

22. “She invited me to take a picture. I said I didn’t want to.”

23. “I was running around the house and got myself into an awkward situation…”

24. “My husband made a present for my birthday. I was a bit surprised and our cat was totally shocked.”

25. “He realized that me being under there was the perfect time to help himself to my coffee.”

26. “It’s as if my cat is asking, ‘What’s this? Something you’re working on?'”

27. “The whisker demon has returned to assert dominance while I clean up her hairball.”

Are you a cat owner? Do you think that living with cats is difficult? Feel free to share your thoughts and your pet’s photos with us in the comments below!

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