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Police Officer Saves Kitten From Highway Barrier And Gives Her A Forever Home

Officer Jason Smith, of the North Kansas City Police Department, was driving his squad car when he saw a tiny kitten stuck on a highway barrier in the middle of six lanes of high-speed traffic.

Without hesitation, Smith got out of his car and picked the kitten up from the traffic barrier. “Here kitty kitty kitty,” he said when approaching the scared little kitten.

The kitten was so frightened that she scratched at the officer as he put her on his passenger seat. Thankfully, he used a soothing voice to keep the kitten calm and help her settle down.

Watch the rescue in the video below:

After that, he brought the kitten to a local shelter where she was treated and cleaned up. Thanks to the kind officer, the kitten was safe and sound. But that wasn’t the end of the story.

After a few days at the shelter, no one claimed the kitten as theirs. For this reason, Smith went back to the shelter and adopted her. He brought the kitten home and named her Bella.

“Bella has been a great fit for our home ever since the rescue,” Joshua Smith, Officer Smith’s son, told The Dodo.

It is clear that Bella is happy and safe in her new forever home. “Bella gets along with our two rescue dogs and other rescue kitty, but ONLY when she feels like it,” Smith said. “She is definitely getting more and more comfortable with them every single day.”

The Smith family was sad when they had to say goodbye to a cat named Mocha, but Bella made their lives better.

“There had been something missing in our house ever since,” Smith said. “Bella coming into our lives gave us an extra touch of love that we have been missing.”

If you love Bella, you can follow her on Instagram page to see all of her adventures and her daily life!

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