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Kittens With Crooked Legs Get Tiny Casts To Help Them Grow Healthy And Strong

Cabernet, Merlot, Pinot, Chianti, Burgundy, and Malbec are not wine names, these are names of six baby kittens who were rescued by the Los Angeles-based organization Kitten Rescue from East Valley Shelter in Van Nuys.

The kittens were just three weeks old when they were saved. Soon after they arrived at Kitten Rescue, the carers spotted their front legs appeared to be crooked. They immediately sent them to a trusty bone and joint specialist at ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospital in Culver City.

Unfortunately, the kittens were diagnosed with carpal laxity syndrome – a condition primarily seen in puppies. According to the specialist, the causes of the disorder aren’t clear, but it is assumed to be the effect of an imbalance in growth rates between the bones and tendons of the front limbs.

As a result, all six kitties must wear small casts to make sure their little legs grow properly. Although their front limbs develop abnormally, these little furballs are still healthy and adorable. However, because of their condition, they will need frequent check-ups and some extra care until they are strong enough to walk and run around.

“Each kitten in this litter is exceptionally sweet and affectionate, and we want to make sure they’re given a chance to grow up healthy, happy, and strong,” the carers wrote on their Facebook page. “We secretly think they look extra adorable with their tiny casts… but we still want them to get taken off ASAP!”

If you would like to learn more about Kitten Rescue and help these kittens grow and heal, you can visit the rescue’s website here.

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