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Dog Only Eats Half Of Food In Her Bowl And The Reason Will Reduce You To Tears

Warning: You’re going to want the tissues because the story you’re about to read is definitely going to leave you with tears in your eyes. If this story doesn’t melt your stony heart, nothing will.

Recently, a dog owner named Easton Dufur shared a heartwarming story about his two yellow Labradors, Stitch and Cookie. He tweeted a photo of Cookie’s food bowl that showed the dog only ate half of food in the bowl. The story quickly went viral and stirred up the emotions of thousands after Easton explained the reason why Cookie did that.

Easton said that the two dogs shared a very special bond with not only him but also each other. When he brought Cookie home, Stitch showed her how to share food because the pair had to share one food bowl. Over time, Stitch trained Cookie to only eat half of the food and leave the rest for him. Cookie caught on quickly, and ever since she was a puppy, she’s always eaten only her side of the bowl.

But sadly, Stitch recently passed away and Cookie clearly misses her buddy Stitch. “Cookie and Stitch were very close. They were like brother and sister,” Easton said. “They took care of each other and cared for one another. As you can tell from the story, she does miss him.”

After Stitch’s passing, Easton has been putting less food in the bowl. Now, Cookie is the only one using the bowl, and she is able to eat the whole thing herself. However, Easton noticed something he didn’t expect that made his heart melt. Cookie has refused to eat all of the food and left half of her food for her brother. Cookie still hopes that Stitch would be coming back to share her food.

Although Stitch left this world, he continues to live on inside his dad, especially his friend, Cookie. Losing a loved one is never easy, but life must continue, and we believe that Cookie will grow from the loss and learn to live with it. Everything is going to be alright, Cookie.

Yes, our hearts are breaking because this story is pretty heart-breaking and heart-warming all at once. Please share this story with everyone to show how loyal and sweet dogs really are.

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